Monday, June 21, 2010


Summer is here today!! Officially the first day of fun is that??
The kids are attending VBS all week from 9:30-12, so I get a few hours to get some stuff done=) And just like last year, I really just want to come home and clean in peace! Today I had lots of errands to do so I didn't even ge to come home, but tomorrow I WILL come home! Check out this green study to see how shopping online is actually a way to go GREEN...who would have thunk?? I wish I could find a place to do grocery shopping (cheap) on-line, that be GREAT especially in the Winter!

Today I got a cherry tree for $5...mostly for the beautiful white to pale pink blooms in the Spring! Hopefully it will produce some cherries someday as well! But $5!!! I was super excited, and thankful to Josh for driving all the way there just to pick up my tree, what a trooper!

Other news about lovely things growing: I have LOTS of lettuce, like too much, really. I see lots of green tomatoes and little yellow flowers that green tomatoes will follow-and then turn red...hopefully! My bean plants are growing super quick, Sunflowers are getting thicker and thicker lots of cauliflower leaves no fruit though (or vegetable actually), pepper plants look well and even my beautiful $10 Rhododendron, I got for super cheap that I sunburned and it lots every single leaf, is actually growing lovely green leaves again, will I see flowers this year?? Probably not.

I love growing stuff and feel so "GREEN" and accomplished.

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Crystal said...

Growing lots of things! The birds ate the cherries off our cherry tree in our backyard. I didn't pick 'em quick enough :(