Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday I went nowhere...I didn't have to get into my car (although I do love my car) not once...I almost did and then I said to myself, WHY??? You don't have too!!! It felt nice.

We don't have busing at our school so I have to take and pickup my kids daily for school (only 1 mile, but just always having to get in my car is annoying).

Yep, you got me, since I didn't leave the house, I did not work out=( But we did pull lots of weeds and set up the pool and dig around in the garden, so I wasn't lazy either! I am looking ofrward to a lazy day sometime soon!

So today I was actually excited to go to the gym and workout on all that wonderful brand spanking new fitness equipment...I love weight machines they make things a bit easier=) And the main reason I I could have a little bit of time without kids asking for something...I love childcare at workout facilities!!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone...we have a full one here.

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