Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Bio

Here is my first English assignament! I had to write a biography about myself!
I will post my discussion assignment soon, so you can all help me perfect my final essay on it!!

I am so proud of myself, I have a 99% in my English class (I have had 1 quiz and 4 smaller assignments). In Medical Terminology I have 44.5/45 points WOOHOO!! I am keeping up and enjoying my classes, even with my hectic week last week, of taking care of 2 households and 7 kids!

My name is Donna Schuster. I am 25. I have been married to my husband Josh for almost 6 years. Together we have a daughter, Merci who is 6 and son, Ethan who is 2. We are a Christian family and attend Worldview Community Church in Olmsted Falls. Josh is a slate roofer who is in the process of starting his own slate roofing company, Superior Slate. I am a stay at home mom and I am also a Tastefully Simple consultant. We are both currently seeking new customers!

My previous college experiences include: 6 credit hours through the Post Secondary Enrollment Option during my senior year at John Marshall High School in 1999 and 11 credit hours at Baldwin Wallace college in 1999. Due to my lack of interest and my unexpected first pregnancy I decided to put school on hold for a while. This English class as well as a Medical Terminology class will be my first online college courses. I am hoping the six year absence of education will spark the interest I need to decide on and finish a degree.

I am really looking forward to taking different classes to help me decide on a future career. My list of possible career paths is very diverse. I think I may have narrowed it down to five possibilities, teaching, radiography, sonography, social work in the adoption field, or my dream job of becoming a midwife.

I am looking forward to getting to know some of you!

Side note: My church is putting on a stage production called One Story the weekend of September 15th and 16th. Just a little FYI to get some extra credit! To Buy tickets go to and click on the events icon on the left, scroll down to The One Story.


Kimber said...

Great Bio - I even learned a few new things :)

So glad you are liking your classes and doing so well - you go girl!


GrammaBear said...

Congratulations! Good job on the grades. I'm so proud of you, in the midst of chaos you managed to pull this off.

Bek said...

so does everybody get to reach each other's bios? that sounds like fun! can't wait to read your next one!

Donna said...

Yeah, Bek. We had to read all the other bio's and respond to 4 of them!Fun assignment! WE don't get to meet each other since we are doing our classes online, so it was neat!!

Jason said...

English lesson for today: When you qualify a statement with a name/description/etc you completely wrap that description with commas. If you are wondering where to put the commas, the easy way is to completely remove the part of the sentence which is wrapped in commas, and make sure it still makes sense.

Example: "My father, Dale, is a detective." To make sure it still makes sense I'll remove the "comma-wrapped" portion to make it become, "My father is a detective."

Another example is: "My english writing skills, which suck, are getting better every day."

Bek said...

jason, when are you gonna give us another english lesson on your blog?

Crystal said...

I pray God leads you to the right career! Nice work, keep it up!

Tab said...

Donna, I was catching up on your blog, and reading about your dream to be a midwife! First of all, let me just encourage you to pursue your dream! As far as I know, and you may already know this, I think you need a master's degree to be a midwife. I've only started looking into it myself, because I think I may eventually go back to school to get my masters in midwifery. And since i just "finished" school, I'm not super excited about going back, so it might be a while for me. But, I was looking around online at some Doula websites, and I think that becoming a Doula might be a nice step in the direction of becoming a midwife. I'm considering it myself. Anyway, here's a good website you might find interesting: I think to become a doula, you go through a series of educational workshops and experiences, you get different certifications, and that sort of stuff. I don't think it's an actual college degree, but more a certification, which would get your foot in the door in the area of childbirth and working in a hospital setting and that kinda stuff. Plus you'd get paid to do what you love! And it would be AWESOME experience for when you do decide to go after a masters in midwifery. Anyway, let me know what you think!