Monday, June 26, 2006

Stress and mad at me

The last few weeks have been full and stressful. With camping, planning the parents 25th anniversary party, and a handful of family issues. I have been going crazy. All the "planning" stuff is over. We leave for vacation on July 8 and I am so ready, except for my teenage brothers who are coming..who we will be babysitting more than our kids. None the less, it will be vacation.

If you guys could all pray: Josh's brother Isaac had moved to Florida awhile back, he is only 18 and had no plans and now he is in jail in Florida...far away from home and anyone he knows. We talked to him a few weeks ago and he had nothing, his wallet got stolen, he was living on the beach, eating whatever food he could find. It was sad to hear but, he really needs to learn some lessons. He was taken to jail on possession of cocaine. We aren't sure how to help. He is someone who just takes, takes, takes and isn't thankful, and doesn't even realize you've helped. He left Ohio because of some issues here, so he may be in big trouble for running. His bond is only $100, but sad to say no one is willing to help him out. Are we all wrong?? Has anyone been in a situation like this? I want to write to him and let him know he is loved, prayed for and not forgotten.

Funny Story:

Today the kids wanted to go outside, so I went out and started pulling the crack know the weeds that grow b/w the cement slab on the driveway. (We have LOTS and they were like 6 inches high). I was pulling them all out and Merci realized there were lots of ants. She decided that the ants lived in these weeds...they really live in the dirt under the weeds and I just disturbed them. So she precedes to make a big deal out of it saying, " Mom you are taking away the ant's homes, you're killing them...Mom these ants are so mad at you." It made me giggle to think that these little, tiny, pesky creatures could be so mad at me!

Oh by the way spell check works again..for today!!


amy said...

it's so hard to know what to do. when my sis was going through stuff, i was always second guessing myself and thinking that maybe if i had done or said something else there would have been a different outcome. or if i would have responded/reacted in a different way it would have helped her more. almost everyone in our fam reacted differently - some used tough love, some mercy, some ignored it, some beat her with a bible, ect. in a way it didn't matter, she had to be the one to make the changes.
your heart is right, so just continue to seek god on it.

amy said...

ps - i did write to her a lot while she was in rehab. i don't think the letters specifically impacted her, but she has told me that it meant a lot to her that i thought about her and didn't give up on her; i just kept on loving her.

Bek said...

i don't know what happenned to my comment!! but what i was saying is there are no easy answers. prayer and love. i wish i would've found more ways to express my love during our fam's tough time with my bro. but look at what God has done in my family - what a testimony - surely He can do it in yours!!!

ps - i have a funny story merci made up for us sunday, too. :)

Jason said...

Isaac's situation is tough. I'm indirectly dealing with a family situation which could go the same way soon, so it would be nice to circumvent any of those problems.

Oh, and as for Merci...I told her that ants can live in lots of places besides weeds. Places like mommy and daddy's pillowcases. I'm pretty sure the weeds are ant-free now.