Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My soccer star

This year Ethan played Soccer for the first time. It wasn't your regular soccer league or anything, just a training type. The kids had a few practices and then scrimmaged other teams from the same rec center. Because of the rain they played on the hardtop for most games, which obviously isn't the best place to play soccer.

The first scrimmage he played he had never even been to practice, so he had really no idea what to do and he kinda just stood way back from everyone else. Fast forward a few games and add in a bit of confidence, he was playing goalie and would not let the ball be very far from him at any given time. he turned into a great little player pretty quick. The last game they played he even scored his first goal!!!

But sadly since I was poorly informed about paying for the end of the season shindig and trophies Ethan didn't get a trophy=( I felt so bad, so my husband is going to go up to the corner where they sell and make sports trophies
and where they probably made the ones for our rec center since they are the only right around the corner and been in this city for many years. So hopefully my little soccer star gets a trophy soon.

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