Friday, March 25, 2011

LONG day

Today is the day we decided to snake our basement drain. It has been backed up since Wednesday. It went down quite a bit but it is at standstill and hasn't gone done anymore since Thursday morning. My wonderful husband worked all day long trying to get it done himself, but we just don't have a snake big or strong enough. We resorted to calling a plumber who will be here in the morning. $200 some dollars later I hope the problem is no longer a problem.

I am thankful that this isn't worse, I know so many of you have experiences much worse. Nothing was ruined and the water is not coming up (it is not sewage) it just isn't going down. So after my little hissy fit this afternoon. I am thankful even in the midst of this hardship. We will get through this!

Tonight I will cuddle on the couch with my husband and a blanket, and my dog and a glass of wine...and if I was a connoisseur I would enjoy a nice cigar, maybe I could get some padron cigars for sale. but Im not so my cheap wine will do!!

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