Monday, August 23, 2010

Need to write...

One more full day and then the kids go back to school (E 1st grade, M 5th). For awhile I was feeling like I wasn't ready, but the reality is I AM READY, but THEY ARE TOO. They need some structure, they have had enough doing whatever, whenever, ya know?? And I know I am right because last Friday we went to the pool with some friends for the last time this Summer, and they sat there at our feet, whining that they were bored, or hungry....and we had just been out to eat 10 minutes before that....they didn't even recognize fun right in front of there faces.

Today was a stressful day, E is a hard child, whinny, always negative, never happy with what he has, and boy does that start wearing on you after awhile. Because we let the kids have a sleepover in E's room last night, they were up late and up super of course he was super crabby today. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Then there is Merci, the back talking, never shutting up pre-teen. OH MY.

Love them both so much, but goodness I need a break, and so do they. Not sure how they put up with me always getting them to do stuff and yelling, and loosing my temper...etc, etc....I KNOW I am not perfect as a mom.

Tonight I had the kids do some work, Merci has a work book we were working through this Summer and E had a packet he needed to finish over the Summer. With a little resistance, we did get some stuff done and Ethan was super interested in doing his, hmmmm...he must be ready to get his little brain working again!

So for so many reasons I am glad school starts on Wednesday! I will miss them but am determined to be MOM and only MOM when they get home...since I will have the whole day to myself.

Good night!


Rachel H. said...

I am excited for you and your alone time! It will be such a nice break--and I think the kids appreciate you so much more after being away. ;)

Renata said...

Hey there Donna,
How did today go?