Tuesday, July 27, 2010


If you have been around this blog for any amount of time, you know I am a frugal girl, as much as I can be. I love to shop with coupons, I love to shop most only on clearance, I just love a great deal!

My brother is getting married in April of 2011. Only 9 more months!! We found a dress, and only 3 weeks later went back to order it to find it was no longer available. Good thing it wasn't the brides favorite one, so we went back to her 1st pick and found it was over $200, and I am so glad she agrees that is ridiculous to pay for a flower girl dress...! BUT we found it on an few online auction sites, and was able to order it for $85!! I am super thankful we got such a great deal, but know we have to cross our fingers that it looks pretty close to the original, since it is a knock off coming form China....and that the color we chose for the sash that goes around it is close to the color of our dresses...or close. You can very well match colors on the computer screen. But we are excited to get it and find out, we have time to fix it if need be.

Now I have to go order my dress, and then it is the guys tuxes...all 4 of us in the wedding...yikes.

Cant wait to post a picture of her in it!


Patricia Norton said...

Well I agree. I too are doing the same thing :)

Rachel H. said...

Way to be! I am really impressed with your way to find a cheaper route to buy the dress!

Sarah said...

That's awesome that you were able to find a knock off for her dress. It should be fine -- my wedding dress was one that i ordered from China because it was a knock off of what i really wanted...and it was fine